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EGP 40,000 / Month
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EGP 40,000 / Month

Duplexes for rent in Mirage City

NS 116926
Monthly Price:
EGP 40,000
270 sqm
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Wed 12 Apr 2023
About Mirage City New Cairo

Duplexes 4 Bedrooms for Rent in Mirage City - New Cairo By MGM Resorts - Delivery Year 2023

Mirage City: An Inclusive Luxury Eco-Compound Promoting Wellbeing and Shared Prosperity

Mirage City is an inclusive luxury eco-compound under development in New Cairo, Egypt. This sustainably-designed haven promises opportunity, joy and community in harmony with the environment at an optimal overall sustainable value.

Some highlights of Mirage City include:

• Over 10,000 residential units including studios, one to four bedroom apartments and townhomes with built-up areas ranging from 50 to 300 square meters. Spacious, customizable and eco-friendly living spaces suitable for a range of needs, life stages, incomes and interests.

• International standard schools from kindergarten to high school including Montessori, British, American and IB curricula with a focus on holistic nurturing, environmental stewardship and global citizenship. Progressive, multilingual and purpose-driven education enhancing wellbeing and responsibility.

• Multi-specialty hospitals, medical centers and wellness clubs optimized for preventative healthcare, wellness and balance. Access to world-class care, support and sustainable thriving.

• Sports clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches and community event spaces designed for exercise, team sports, entertainment, leisure and gathering in harmony. Purpose and joy through partnership rather than excess alone.

• Retail promenades, dining streets, cafes, restaurants and fresh food outlets providing options for purposeful living, nourishment, trade and daily eco-community. A philosophy of health, relationship and environment rather than excess.

• Pricing starting at EGP 45,000 per square meter. Balance of prime location, premium sustainable facilities and quality through eco-value rather than excess or lavishness alone. Environmental responsibility, prosperity and shared purpose as priority.

• Nature preserves, botanical gardens, vertical farms and rooftop spaces. Seamless access to greenery, wellbeing, local food sources and sanctuary. A balanced sustainable relationship with land benefiting people and environment.

• Additional facilities including cinemas, art galleries, places of faith, co-working hubs and multi-purpose event venues focused on experience, progress, meaning and celebration while benefitting community and planet.

• Smart sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure optimized for wellbeing, pocket, prosperity and regenerative development. Lower costs, greater comfort, smaller footprint and purposeful progress over waste alone. Thrive, grow and nurture responsibly.

Benefits of living at Mirage City include:

• Spacious yet affordable living spaces suitable for varied life stages, needs, interests and budgets with an eco-conscience. Perfect for families, professionals, communities or sustainable long-term investment. Value for a life of purpose, meaning and responsibility beyond square footage or lavishness alone.

• Seamless access to world-class sustainable healthcare, education, sports, retail, dining, community and wellness facilities. Prosper through balanced purpose benefiting people and planet rather than mere residence or livelihood. A philosophy of health, relationship and shared progress.

• Strategic New Cairo location with sustainable purpose-driven access and prime developable potential. Environmental responsibility, joy and prosperity as one. Wellbeing and partnership rather than isolation or excess.

• Potential sustainable value appreciation over time based on eco-demand, scarcity and district/compound development favoring purpose over profit alone. Solid affordable returns through environmental conscience and community benefit rather than premium or popularity. Growth for the good of all.

• Rental income potential depending on availability and owner preference. Additional revenue through purpose and progress benefiting people, planet and prosperity together beyond immediate occupation or ownership. Performance, people and planet as priority.

• Space for guests, home businesses, staff or multi-generational living depending on lifestyle and philosophy. Flexibility enhancing possibility without constraint. Balanced community, environment and sustainable wellbeing above all.

• Compound community spirit. Easy access to shared sustainable experiences, support systems, purpose and celebration across demographics. Belonging, progress and partnership rather than exclusion or excess cost.

• Eco-friendly sustainable infrastructure optimized for wellbeing, pocket, prosperity and purpose over waste. Lower costs, greater comfort and meaning, smaller footprint. Thrive, grow and nurture responsibly through balance rather than lavishness alone.

In essence, Mirage City provides affordable yet spacious eco-living surrounded by opportunity, community and shared sustainable purpose.

Mirage City translates access to prime progress into an inclusive reality benefitting people and planet.
It delivers thriving, meaning and joy through seamless sustainable facilities, spatial generosity and purposeful eco-value rather than isolation, excess or exorbitance alone.
Buying here provides the perfect balance of comfortable affordability, connected


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